Coronavirus Update

We have approval for curbside Pickup,Takeout (limit 5 at a time)

and delivered.

We do not expect this to change !

To our valued customers and friends,

To our floral customers:

We may have to make substitutions as necessary due to the very limited nature of florals in the market. This is do to the global pandemic which has decimated the floral market. Availability to flowers from international/domestic farms will be very limited for seeable future.With Limited’s on staffing we are unable to contact you with substitution. We will make every attempt to make your floral arrangement as aesthetically similar as possible. With flowers to equal value or higher.

Please note, if the state gets put under further lock down which is not likely or we are unable to deliver for any other reason out of our control, We will be unable to issue refunds. However, We will make your delivery on the very first day we are able or allowed by law. We appreciate your understanding.
To everyone:

   We wanted to let you know that we will be operating during adjusted business hours until further notice and will be taking the required safety precautions during this time. We will also continue to deliver flowers if available and chocolates every day as we always do with no contact option.We have added free shipping and delivery to all our carts over $25.00.We encourage you to call us at 860-413-9042 or order from our website  For Curbside Pick up or delivery. Please limit in store to under 5 at a time.

Similar to many other organizations nationwide and in light of the recent announcements related to gatherings and events, we are currently following the guidelines for businesses issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


As a valued family member, we encourage you to continue to exercise good judgement in your daily lives for your own personal safety. Above all, it is important to remain calm for your own well-being and the well-being of our communities. We have persevered through difficult times in the past and we will persevere through this time as well.


 Timothy J. Snelgrove  CEO

Snelgrove's  Chocolatier & Florist


  • PAUL

    The level of customer service Tim and his staff provide at Snelgrove’s is unparalleled! Despite getting a phone call the day before Easter stating they were overloaded with deliveries & short staffed (understandable during the times we are all in), they would do what they could. My order was dropped off on my front steps by a woman in a minivan at 8:30pm on Easter! I was pleasantly shocked and happy. I was expecting my order to be delivered the day after Easter and honestly thought the delivery lady had the wrong address! Did I mention that I live 40min from Snelgrove’s. I am also a chocolate snob (and proud of it). If you haven’t had the chocolate from Snelgrove’s, you simply don’t know what you are missing. Thank you, Tim, for sharing your talent and for having such hard working staff.

  • Jeff

    I applaud your commitment during these times. The BEST non-pareils ever, fudge and bark are also favorites……….I’m a dark and white chocolate lover. Please advise the level of safety you are taking to produce what I am anxious to pickup. Staff controls and testing, curbside pickup, packaging. Thanks Route 20 preferred.

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