Our story


Snelgrove’s has been a local favorite since 1924. We boast a wide variety of handmade decadent chocolates made in-house.Our chocolatiers work with the latest techniques to bring these sweet confections to life.
Our floral department continues to provide a beautiful bounty of the freshest cut flowers. Mastering the techniques of floral design, for a span of 95 years. Here at Snelgrove's we have the experience in the floral industry to cater to the whims and desires of our unique customers.
We bring chocolates, ice cream and florals together in one place in a way that only Snelgrove's could realize.

Snelgrove’s Chocolatier ~Florist

It all started in 1924 with S.J.Snelgroves Florist and greenhouses ,originally started in Windsor Connecticut in August 1924 by Sydney James Snelgrove, my grandfather. From a young age growing up within the family floral business, I developed a love for floral design as well as customer service. Our family home was directly next to the floral shop and this became my playground. I have many fond memories of working in the greenhouses, as we grow many of our own flowers. I truly developed a love for the community and the way that community became tied with our family business. To this day we have many community members that have been touched by something they purchased from Snelgrove’s.


The start of Chocolate

It started at a very young age .When my parents separated I was at a loss of what to fill my time with after school. Not being the “normal” kid growing up in a family business. I tried a paper route as that was one of the very few options that was open to me at 10 years old. After a few months I realized very quickly that this was not the job for me. I remember very fondly my mother asking me what was I going to do with myself. I had always had a passion for making chocolates with my grandmother. So I told her, "I am going to start to make chocolates to sell!" At this time there was not the availability to things like the Internet, we are talking the 80s. So,I took the bus from my section of town to the library and taught myself how to make chocolates. I was around 11 years old when I opened my first candy store out of my home, mostly selling to friends, family and neighbors. I kept this going until I was almost 16, when I had the opportunity go to work for a large chocolate manufacturer in Connecticut. I also had the opportunity to work for Burnham and Brady under their chocolatier,I jumped at the chance. However, after 150 years in operation they unfortunately had to close their doors.

Discouraged and wanting a change, I decided to go to work in the jewelry industry. After working for only a few months, I became assistant manager and assumed manager responsibilities for three years. After suffering from some prolonged injuries received from when I was hit by bus, I had to have my first of four back surgeries.

This gave me the opportunity to reflect on the floral business that I had loved for so long. Although my grandmother was still alive (92) at the time .she still owned the original flower shop, my father had passed away leaving it in the hands of non-family.

I desperately wanted to see this family name be great once again. This prompted me to open in a new location which ended up becoming two locations .

We have now consolidated these locations back to one that we still currently have today.

Ice cream


Now includes handmade ice cream. With the family history of this sweet treat ,from our family in the Midwest .It was only fitting we add this to our delicious offerings . It fast became the summer place to be .


We will remain a place for the very best ! Made from scratch and by hand ,with passion for what we do.

It’s what our customers our family expects!